How It Works

By controlling the freezing process with our patented* design, our ice makers are able to isolate and remove any air bubbles or impurities in the water before they freeze inside the ice ball or cube. In addition to being visually striking, removing air bubbles from the ice makes it denser and eliminates the risk of it breaking up in your drink.

Rate of Dilution for Different Ice ShapesIt's also important to note that different ice shapes melt and dilute drinks at different rates—which means the shape of your ice should be influenced by your taste and specific drink. For instance, the surface area to volume ratio of a sphere is less than a cube of the same size. Less surface area means that a sphere will melt much more slowly, providing you with a drink that stays colder longer and is less diluted. A colder, less diluted drink is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain the flavor—whether it’s an iced coffee or a high-quality bourbon. By the same token, those who like their drinks more watered down could choose several small cubes or crushed ice, which have more surface area to volume and will dilute your drink faster.

To get started, simply fill one of our devices with regular tap water (the warmer the better) and place into an ordinary home freezer set between -10 and +10 degrees fahrenheit. You can find more detailed instructions and videos below or email us at with any additional questions.


*U.S. Pat. No. 10,443,915