Our Story

barmartha.jpegSelecting the right ice for a
cocktail is equal parts art
and science.

It all began when I was traveling for business in Tokyo. I was out exploring near the Ebisu neighborhood when I stumbled upon a great little tavern called Bar Martha. Bar Martha had a nice selection of scotch, rye, and bourbon but also just a really great atmosphere. I ordered a bourbon on the rocks and they delivered it with a perfect single ball of clear ice. In addition to the benefits of an ice ball in keeping a drink colder, longer and limiting dilution I was struck by simply how much better my drink looked. I had to get one when I was back home.


Sadly, after returning home and searching online I found out that the device that they used at Bar Martha costs $1,000! And you actually need to create clear ice blocks separately to use with it! That wasn’t going to work, the cost plus level of effort were too extreme for me. I found a few other solutions that could form ice balls for a fraction of that cost, such as silicone molds, but they weren’t clear. They were filled with air bubbles and impurities and looked “cloudy” in my drink. There had to be a better way, so we set out to invent a solution.


Wintersmiths was founded by brothers Chris & Pat Little in 2013. The Ice Baller, Ice Baller Double & Ice Chest projects were all developed in-house. We went through a number of technical drawings, prototypes, and testing (including the scotch and bourbon kind) to design what we hope will be your favorite bar tools. The Ice Baller and Ice Chest initially launched on Kickstarter in the summer of 2013 and 2014 respectively and were successfully crowdfunded (huge thanks to our awesome backers!!). They are all now available for sale on our website. We truly hope you enjoy the Ice Baller, Ice Baller Double & Ice Chest – The easiest ways to make crystal clear ice balls and cubes from regular tap water in your home freezer.