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"If you’re a keen home-bar enthusiast, one of these devices really will change your life. It’s that excellent."

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  Rating: ★★★★★

"There is something immensely satisfying about drinking a cocktail over a perfectly clear, perfectly spherical ice ball."

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  I just got my two Ice Ballers yesterday. They work 100% as advertised. Beautiful Ice Spheres! Fit perfectly in my rocks glasses. Great product.
// Andy from Texas


Thanks @Wintersmiths. This is clear!
// Alex from Washington


The Ice Baller works fantastic! It's a great product that creates crystal clear ice spheres exactly as promised.
// Joshua from Ohio


First ice ball from @Wintersmiths! This thing rocks! Crystal clear and costs a fraction of what other devices do.
// Nicholas from Illinois


First @Wintersmiths ice ball. Perfectly clear. Amazing.
// Michael from Illinois
My husband put one of his Christmas presents I gave him to good use tonight. Thanks Wintersmiths for the perfectly spherical, clear, slow melting ice!
// Leah from Arkansas


Just got my first ice ball out today, freaking awesome! Thanks so much!
// MYY from Australia


My new ice baller from @Wintersmiths is simply epic. Perhaps my favorite cocktail accessory ever.
// Jon from California


Treated myself to an Ice Baller. Can't take a photo to do it justice but the crystal clear ice ball turned out beautifully.
// Em from Australia