clear ice.

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Meet the Wintersmiths clear ice makers

Meet the Wintersmiths clear ice makers

There are generally four key elements to any cocktail - liquid, ice, glassware and garnish. We believe you should take as much care selecting your ice as you would any of the other components.

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  • Easy to Use

    Creating clear ice should be as easy as filling and freezing, so we design our products with as few steps as possible. It's so simple, you will wish you found out about us sooner!

  • Crystal Clear

    Experience flawless clarity, every time. In addition to being visually striking, removing air bubbles from the ice also eliminates the risk of it breaking up in your drink.

  • Slow-melting

    Enjoy colder and less diluted cocktails. The optimal surface area to volume ratio of the ice ball keeps drinks colder, longer, and with less dilution than a cube of the same size or several smaller cubes.