Old Fashioned

This week we bring you a classic staple for your cocktail-making arsenal, the Old Fashioned.


  • Old fashioned (or rocks) glass
  • Muddler
  • Barspoon
  • Zester/peeler


  • Ice (don't be surprised that this is the first ingredient!)
  • 2oz Bourbon or Whiskey (we chose Whistlepig Rye Whiskey)
  • Two dashes of Angostura or Fee Brothers Old Fashion Aromatic bitters
  • Two teaspoons simple syrup (or one sugar cube- roughly a teaspoon)
  • One orange
  • Maraschino cherries


Peel large swatch from orange and place in bottom of old fashioned glass along with simple syrup and bitters. Lightly press orange peel in glass with muddler to release citrus essence, then stir with barspoon. Next add rye whiskey, stir again, and finish with ice, a maraschino cherry, and a thin orange peel.



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