Ice Chest Instructions

Please Note: We do not recommend leaving your Ice Chest in your freezer for longer than 30 hours. The ideal amount of freezing time is when your ice cubes or balls are fully-formed and there is only water in the bottom reservoir (this will vary depending on your specific freezing conditions).

Quick Start Guide: 

Before first use, hand wash all parts with soap and warm water or place them in the dishwasher (except the foam outer box)
1.) With plastic insert inside foam box, fill with hot tap water to the bottom of the inner fill line. We do not recommend using distilled water as it will cause streaking lines inside the ice.

2.) Assemble silicone mold and slowly lower all the way into the insert filled with water. Water should overflow into the area above the fill holes - top off if necessary. Filling so that water overflows into the top of the mold is especially important with the Clear Cubes mold to ensure that you have a fully-formed cube (Note: the cubes can develop air pockets in the top corners- when the reservoir is full of water to within 1-2" of the top, slide in each mold half separately to eliminate air pockets and ensure fully-formed cubes).

3.) Place upright in freezer set between -10 to +10 degrees fahrenheit for 18-28 hours (time may vary based on specific freezer conditions). You should avoid leaving the Ice Chest in your freezer for longer than 30 hours. The optimal scenario is to have fully-formed ice and only water in the bottom reservoir, this will take a couple tries to find the exact time that works for your conditions. If you are finding some air bubbles or cloudiness at the bottom of your balls or cubes, increase the temperature of your freezer (make it warmer) so that it is closer to +10 degrees fahrenheit.

 4.) Removing Ice from the molds:

 5.) Resetting the Ice Chest: