The Axe Handle

We decided to give the Vermont Switchel Company a try and made a cocktail from their recipe collection. This one is called the Axe Handle and was said to be submitted by the Morgan family. On their website, Switchel is described as... "Crafted in Vermont using authentic ingredients, this one-of-a-kind beverage combines the natural sweetness of maple syrup with the tanginess of organic apple cider vinegar–with added hints of lemon, ginger and molasses. Switchel was traditionally used by Vermont farmers to slake their thirst and provide natural energy while haying. As a modern day alternative to conventional sports drinks, Switchel provides hydration therapy and restores depleted minerals in the body. It has a crisp, clean flavor with a long, smooth finish."



  • 6 oz. Vermont Switchel (buy it at these locations)
  • 2 oz. Bourbon (No. 14 Bourbon from Vermont Spirits to stick with the VT theme)
  • .25 oz. Fresh lemon juice

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and pour over an ice ball in an old fashioned glass - enjoy!



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