Basil Tom Collins

The story goes that the Tom Collins was invented by an opportunistic bartender in London during what can only be described as a 19th century meme. The "Great Tom Collins Hoax of 1874" was apparently a joke that caught on quickly where you would convince your friend that there was a man named Tom Collins down at the local pub who was speaking ill of them. When they stormed down to the bar to confront the man, they would find that they had been tricked. The drink was invented so that your friend would end up with the tall sour beverage in their hand as a consolation to their lost dignity. Our version adds basil to the simple syrup and lime juice to make it an even more refreshing summer cocktail.


  • 2oz gin
  • .5oz fresh lemon juice
  • .5oz fresh lime juice
  • Two teaspoons of basil simple syrup
  • Top off with club soda (2-3oz)


Stir gin, juices, and basil simple syrup in mixing glass to combine. Pour over ice in a collins glass and top off with club soda. Garnish with lemon peel and basil leaf.

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